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4x 800W Redhead Video Tungsten Lights with Built In Dimmer + Stand & Bag

4x 800W Redhead Video Tungsten Lights with Built In Dimmer + Stand & Bag

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800W Red Head Light


This is a compact, lightweight, multi-purpose flood / fill light, ideal for lighting in any position. This light fits for DSLR / SLR cameras and Video cameras. The included barn doors give you full control over the lighting. No more dark low light grainy video shots.

Metal housing with heat resistant paint

High quality aluminum reflector

Safety net in front of the lamp

Heavy duty power cord

Ceramic lamp holder


Power: 800W

Dimmabe with included switch

Bulb Type: Tungsten

Material: Metal

Colour Temperature: 3200K

Photometrics Flood Mode: 3m: 1380lx | 5m: 570lx | 7m: 295lx

Photometrics Spot Mode: 3m: 6400lx | 5m: 2400lx | 7m: 1380lx

Voltage: 120V-240V

Package Includes: 4x 800W Redhead Light, 4x Barndoor, 4x Protection wire mesh, 5x 800W bulb, 4x Power cable, 4x 2 metres light stand, 1x High Quality Padded Carrybag

All measurements are approximate


Never touch a bulb with your bare hands when installing it, the grease from your fingers can greatly reduce the lifespan of the bulb and cause it to break.

Do not use extension socket. Do not cover anything in front of the lamps.

Redhead light is high heat lighting source, you may keep more backup bulbs, best solution is won't keep light working continuously long time and leave it cool down once an hour.

When first switched on, it may smoke. This is normal. You need to turn off the power first, wait until the temperature drops and then turn on the power.

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