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150cm Pop-Up Light Tent

150cm Pop-Up Light Tent

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Photography Box Shooting Tent:

Produce professional quality product and still life images with our photography shooting tents.

With their spring like 'pop-up' functionality, these tents are quick and easy to set up, making them ideal for both professionals and amateurs.

Included with each tent are four interchangeable backdrops, red, blue, black and white which provide a choice of non-reflective backdrops.


Spring like 'pop-up' frame

Four coloured backdrops with Hook-and-loop fasteners

Detachable front covering with camera slit

Made from translucent, light diffusing, white nylon fabric

Size: 47x47 inches/120x120cm.


1x photo light cube tent; 1x black background; 1x white background; 1x dark blue background; 1x red background; 1x Carry Case

NOTE: When you first get it, be careful when you try to open it, because it would pop out quickly.

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