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3x6m Mottle Muslin Backdrop - Blue Lake

3x6m Mottle Muslin Backdrop - Blue Lake

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1. Background Stands not included.

2. The backdrop may have dye residuals. Please shake it before use.

3. The backdrop will slightly fade after each wash due to natural dyes, but the patterns will not.


- This background is made from high quality muslin material and is 100% cotton to help absorb the light and eliminate reflection with excellent durability and portability.

- It is completely seamless being made from one piece of material that is finished on all sides.

- It could be draped or hung straight and could be used with variety of lighting and gel to create professional looks.

- This background adopts traditional technology, made from natural pigment, soft exquisite and easy to fold.

- It`s the best choice of photography.

Care Instructions Information:

Not flame retardant

Not machine-washable or suitable for dry cleaning

Care should be taken not to get the backdrop wet, ensure it is not saturated when steaming or ironing

When ironing you may want to protect your ironing board to avoid paint transfer

Please shake before use, it is normal to experience some light paint dust rub off when handling, this will diminish over time

Both sides of the material may not sit flush together when hung, and edges may curl slightly, this is the feature of the natural cotton material

To prolong the life of your hand painted backdrop, we recommend spraying it lightly with a fabric protectant spray otherwise it may fade over time

The natural dye may smell - this is normal and completely harmless

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