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140cm Boom Arm with Sandbag & Dual Clamp

140cm Boom Arm with Sandbag & Dual Clamp

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Boom Arm is used in studio and location photography to suspend light above the subject or scene you wish to capture. Combine with your choice of lighting, softboxes or umbrella's, will be strong enought to hold most types of lights but we don't recommend using the arm to support more than 1.5kg. And max. load capacity of the sandbag about 4.41 lb/2kg

Features & Specifications:
Boom arm with 2 sections extending from 79cm to 140cm
Nut lock has four different sized holes on each side to fit different stands Hole diameters: 27, 25, 21, 18mm (please note that these the tightening method of the lock nut will compensate for a few mm with stands bigger in diameter to the hole sizes stated)
Lock nut can be rotated to suspend the lights at different angles
Sandbag & hook provide counter-balance against the weight of the lights

Package contains:
Telescopic Light Hold Arm (79 -140 cm) x 1
Boom Arm Lock Nut x 1 (double)
Counterweight bag (sandbag) x 1
No ground stands included.
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