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2.4X2.4M 8'X8' Butterfly Overhead Diffusor Frame Bag Sunbounce Sun Scrim Translu

2.4X2.4M 8'X8' Butterfly Overhead Diffusor Frame Bag Sunbounce Sun Scrim Translu

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HWASTUDIO The Sunbounce system consists of an aluminum frame that can be easily assembled and combined with different reflecting, light-reducing, or light-absorbing screens. The Sun-Scrim Butterfly Kit with Translucent 1/3 Screen from Sunbounce includes the lightweight, stable, collapsible anodized aluminum 8x8' frame and a 8x8' translucent 1/3 screen, for slightly diffusing and softening light. This butterfly scrim frame holds the screen taut, ensuring consistent light modification. Specifications: 2.4x2.4m / 8'x8' Diffuser Kit = frame + cloth + bag: Frame size: 2.4mx2.4m / 8'x8' assembled Frame material: aluminum alloy Diffusion cloth material: white artificial silk Carrying bag material: mixed fiber Diffuser kit weight: 11kg Extreme stability--the frames can be quickly disassembled, are made of the highest-quality aluminum and are extremely stable, even in windy conditions Top-quality materials--all reflector screens are manufactured using the world's most high-quality reflective and translucent materials Lightweight Mobility--the system can be quickly disassembled and is so light that you can take it anywhere 3m SOLID C-Stand grip head Maximum operating height: 3000mm Min height: 1450mm Folded height: 1450mm Tube diameter: 35/30/25mm Gross weight: 7kg Max load capacity: 10.0kg Pitch number: 3 Material: Stainless Metal, chrome finish Package Includes: 1pcs* 2.4mx2.4m / 8'x8' butterfly frame ( in detachable sections ) 1pcs* Diffusion white silk cloth with binding ropes 1pcs* Soft carrying bag ( for all content except for stands) 2pcs* 3m Overhead heavy duty C 2pcs* Big Grip heads ( connect frame to two stands )

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