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Mini Continuous Lighting Shooting Tent Kit 150W with Softboxes and Stands

Mini Continuous Lighting Shooting Tent Kit 150W with Softboxes and Stands

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We are committed to providing professional lighting kit for photography enthusiasts.


? Everyday Life Shooting: Setting up portraits for your family or just the kids or even the dog, it brings a lot of fun to your family.

? Professional Photography: Suitable for fashion photography, model photography, portrait photography and so on.

? Video Shooting: For vloggers, youtubers or live streamers, it provide an ideal lighting while shooting the video.

? Softbox removes shadows and softens light, which does not harm to the eyes.

? The 150W 5500k fluorescent spiral bulb generates a close match to natural daylight and a crisper view of the items being illuminated. It is best for photography lighting.

? The light stand is used for mounting strobe lights, reflectors, umbrellas, softboxes and other photographic equipment.

? The 80cm x 80cm shooting tent can diffuse light sources, soften shadows and reduce glare. It can produce a highly controlled lighting environment around the object. Ideal for small object photographic shooting.

? The 76x28x36cm bag is fit for light stand, umbrella, monolight, LED light, flash, speedlite and other accessories.

Package List:

1x 32''/80cm Photo tent; 4x Softbox; 3x 40cm Light stand; 4x 150W daylight bulb; 1x Carry bag


It is vital that you do not touch the glass section of the bulb at any time.

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