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2x End Stopper for Pantograph Ceiling Rail System

2x End Stopper for Pantograph Ceiling Rail System

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Pantograph Ceiling Rail System Accessories:

Our overhead lighting suspension system offers precise positioning of lighting and other studio equipment; maximizing studio space and reducing clutter.

Accessories (Optional):

Railing: Can be joined to create longer rails by purchasing the extension connectors

Extension Connectors: Used for connecting rails together e.g. connecting one 1.4m section to another to create 2.8m rails

Fixing Plates: Used to secure the rails to the ceiling with expansion screws

Expansion Screws: Used with the fixing plates to secure the rails to the ceiling

Stop Ends: Fits onto the end of the rail to contain the pulleys on the rail system

Double Pulley: Used for connecting the ceiling rails to the suspended rails

Single Pulley: A four-wheel carriage fitted with 5/8" spigot. Brake loops allow the carriages to be moved and secured with an operator抯 pole

Cable Pulley: Used to clip back any cables or wires, attached to a runner to avoid snags and pulls

Cable Clips: Used to clip back any cables or wires

Safety Cable: Quick release clasp to ensure the safety of your equipment. Length: 25.9"/66cm, Load Capacity: 50kg / 110lb

Spigot: Can be inserted into a pantograph and used to secure your lighting fixtures

Kits: (Optional)

Pantograph Kit: 1x Pantograph (2m Extension), 1x Single Pulley, 3x Cable Pulley, 8x Cable Clips, 1x Safety Cable, 1x Spigot (NO Rail System is Included)

Complete Rail System: 4x Pantographs (2m Extension), 8x Double Rails, 4x Single Pulleys, 4x Double Pulleys, 3x Cable Pulley, 32x Cable Clips, 4x Safety Cables, 10x Extension Connectors, 6x Fixing Plates, 12x Expansion Screws, 8x Rail Stop Ends, 4x Spigots, 1x Operators Pole

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