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Enlarger Lens 50mm

Enlarger Lens 50mm

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The quality of the enlarging lens that you choose directly affects the quality of your final print, regardless of the technological excellence of your choice of enlarger (or camera for that matter).

It really does follow that in our experience you 'get what you pay for' when buying enlarger lenses. So trying to find value for money is very difficult.

However, our budget-enlarging lens has proved to be a big hit with our educational customers.

Sourced directly from the Far East it fits the stringent requirements of today's Photography Tutors with its 50mm focal length and a bright f4.5 aperture.

The Firstcall Enlarging lens has a 4-element construction that will produce crisp 35mm enlargements up to 8 x 10 inches in normal conditions and 12 x 16 if fully stopped down.

It has sold well to schools who only have limited requirements in their darkrooms but who want to stretch their darkroom budgets to the limit.

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