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Photographic Enlarger - No Lens

Photographic Enlarger - No Lens

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Darkroom Enlarger:


?Our darkroom enlarger is a robust and versatile piece of equipment, suitable for professional photographers, home enthusiasts, schools and colleges.

?Glassless negative carriers / masks suitable for both 35mm and 6x6cm formats

?Flexibility of changing the colour or contrast: simply put the matching color filter in the color filter drawer and put in the enlarger.

?Enlarge to the wall: for enlarging extra-size, install the enlarger on the wall. Loosen the fixed button of the body, rotate the body by 90 degree and insert the both positioning pins on the elevator frame into the vertical positioning groove on the card base, tighten the fixed button.

?Enlarge to the ground: loose the vertical pillar and base plate, rotate the body by 180 degree with the vertical pillar, tighten the screws and carry out the enlarging. Do put the anti-balance objective on the base plate.

?Re-take photos: remove the enlarger body, pad into the re-taking spacer, align the camera bottom hole to the body fixed button and then tighten.

?Super easy adjustable multiplying: our enlarger adopts the gear and gear bar drive, with convenient rotary and accurate positioning only by rotating the elevator frame button to move up and down.


Main Material: Metal

Bulb: our enlarger can be used between 100v-240 opal bulb (NOT included)

Lens: double-collector lens direct radiation type

The enlarger is supplied without a lens, we suggest using a 50mm lens for 35mm work or if you抎 rather work in a medium format, the 75mm version

Focus adjustment: double-track friction roll bearing type

Weight: 5.5kg

Column Height: 72cm

Baseboard Size: 48 x 40 x 1.8cm


1x Enlarger (NOTE: bulb (E27 enlarger bulb) and lens are not included)

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