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300/500W Fresnel Tungsten Spotlight x3 & Stands, Equipment Bag, Gels

300/500W Fresnel Tungsten Spotlight x3 & Stands, Equipment Bag, Gels

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Package:3x 300W / 500W Fresnel Spotlight, 3x 300W Bulb, 3x 500W Bulb, 1x 75cm Padded bag, 3x 2m Light Stand, 5x Gels (blue, white, green, orange and red each), 6x Gel Clips

300W Tungsten Spotlight:


It is an ideal choice when compact tungsten Fresnel spotlights are required.

The rotatable leaf barndoors can help you to shape and direct the light as necessary. Perfect for filming and shooting .

The light is fully dimmable, it is simple and easy to use.

With rust, anti-corrosion and durable material of aluminum alloy, it can dissipates heat quickly.


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Bulb Socket: GY9.5

Colour Temperature: 3200k

Power: 300W

Voltage: 100 - 250V

Power cable: 5m

Adjustable Focus From Spot 12?to Flood 55?Beam Angle

Photometrics Spot Mode: 1m: 16200lx| 2m: 4050lx | 3m: 1800lx

Photometrics Flood Mode: 1m: 5220lx | 2m: 1300lx | 3m: 580lx

Filter Socket Diameter: 130mm

Barndoors Socket Diameter: 130mm

Fresnel Lens Diameter: 80mm

Protection Class: IP22, CE & RoHS

Package Weight: 3.4 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 20.1cm/7.9" x 17.4cm/6.8" x 18cm/7"


Never touch a bulb with your bare hands when installing it, the grease from your fingers can greatly reduce the lifespan of the bulb and cause it to break.

We recommend to use electric supply at 13A, preferable 16A To power these lights.

Do not use extension socket. Do not cover anything in front of the lamps.

When first swithed on, it may smoke and last about 5 to 20 mins. This is normal.

Lighting Gels may melt after absorbing over much energy, so please cool down your light source after 30min using the gel filter. Do not directly place the lighting gels on the face of lighting instruments.

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