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Exposure Balance Panel

Exposure Balance Panel

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With this term, there is no need for you to worry that the photos are too dark or too bright, and the color is bluish or yellow.

It is to provide a standard reference object for exposure determination in photography.

In addition to providing a means for measuring exposure, a gray card provides a convenient reference for white balance, or color balance, allowing the camera to compensate for the illuminant color in a scene. Nice gift for photography lovers.

To set perfect white balance in any lighting conditions, simply place it in front of your camera lens and then use your camera menu to set the white balance. Your camera's metering system makes assumptions about the brightness and darkness of your subject, and is usually wrong. Use this grey card and it will always be right!

It is the best tool in photography tune color balance, you can put it into the packet and folded into a camera bag, easy to carry and use.


Two Sides; Double Face

Size: 12 x 12" / 30.48 x 30.48cm

Colour: 18% Grey/White

Package Includes: 1x Colour Balance Set 1x Carry Bag

All measurements are approximate.

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Jose E
Muy Correcto

Buena calidad. Es plegable, aunque la bolsa tiene el tamaño desplegado, pero se puede plegar con ella y todo. Sin problemas. Recomendable