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B Type Flash Bracket

B Type Flash Bracket

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Function: A flash bracket is a device that allows an external flash unit to be lifted away from the camera, eliminating "red-eye" and grotesque shadows.
Benefits: Built-in camera flashes and external flashes mounted on the camera's hot shoe are notorious for producing "red-eye" because the flash is so close to the camera lens. Because a flash bracket moves the flash away from the lens, the light hits the eye at a different angle and "red-eye" is not produced.
Considerations: Shooting vertical pictures with a hot-shoe mounted external flash, will produce noticeable shadows because the flash's position to the side of the lens instead of above the lens. That shadow can be distracting when it shows on the wall behind the subject.
Some flash brackets, called flip brackets, have a rotating arm that allows the flash to be positioned over the camera whether you are shooting horizontally or vertically.

Material: Aluminum Alloy & ABS Engineering Plastic
Color: Black
Universal design
Package Contents: 1x flash bracket, 1x 1/4" & 3/8" screw adapter
Note: Light stand, speedlite flash and umbrella are not included
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jens Grum Jensen
Two Stars

VERY plasticy, it even broke my umbrella!!

Five Stars

Brilliant does the job

Lajos Pasztor
Two Stars

very weak flash holder screw.

Jason Williams
Highly Recommended

Highly recommended. I have purchased and used several of these now.

Mr. M. S. Catmur-Neame
Cowboystudio Flashlight /Hot Shoe/Umbrella Holder With Swivel/Tilt Bracket.

This bracket is great for use with an umbrella or just for a flash stand, the tilt/swivel add flexibility to use in the studio.Its a well built product and works well on all our stands so doesn't cause complications.Great product many thanks