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Seamless Paper Background, 64 - Marble, 2.72 x 10m

Seamless Paper Background, 64 - Marble, 2.72 x 10m

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  • IDEAL CHOICE: This paper backdrop for both professionals and amateurs is ideal for creating smooth and even backgrounds for commercial photography, product photography, theatrical sets, window displays, exhibitions, blogging, video and interviews. Can be used as a portrait background for families, pets or fashion models.
  • SUPERIOR SEAMLESS PAPER: Fine tooth non-reflecting surface available in an array of vibrant colors. Crease free with a consistent, vivid and non-reflecting surface to help enhance your photography, whether that be for at home or studio use.
  • EASY TO USE: Simple, portable and easy to use - Just unroll what you need or mount to your chosen background support and it’s ready to go. If the end of the paper gets torn or dirty after a photo shoot, the used portion can be cut off and recycled.
  • SIZE SELECTION: The use of background paper is related to the actual shooting distance/lens focal length. Please ensure that the width of the photographed person or object does not exceed backdrop, and the wider the photographic subject, the closer to the background paper. Please use the focal length of the lens reasonably.
  • PACKAGE: 1x 2.7m x 10m (8.9ft x 32.8ft) Marble paper backdrop. It is suggested to buy with the electric background support system in our store. With motorized wired remote control, quick and easy to raise and lower your backgrounds within seconds.

How to Use Your Seamless Paper?

Hang: First, hang the backdrop from a support stand by sliding the crossbar through the core.

  1. Roll: With the backdrop on the stand, roll out the paper to your desired length for your shoot.
  2. Secure: Clamp the roll to prevent the paper from unraveling more than desired. Tape the end to the floor with gaffer tape to prevent the paper from curling up.
  3. Cut: When finished, cut off the used portion (if necessary) and roll up the remaining paper for your next photo shoot.


Note: Colours depicted may vary slightly, due to differences in computer monitors.

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Colour is lighter

Colour much lighter, but I'm very happy with a quality