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5x Redhead 800W Bulb

5x Redhead 800W Bulb

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800W Red Head Bulbs x5


Wide light spread with 3200k Color Temp (under Lab test)","is the good spares for the redhead studio lights.

As maintenance as regular light","frequent turn on and off the bulb will cause bulb dead quick.

Please check the size of any shade or fitting to be used.


Size: 79mm*17mm*16mm (Approx)

Power: 800W

Voltage: 230V

Color temperature: 3200K

Type: halogen tungsten

Pack: 5 pieces

Caution: Please do not handle the lamp with bare hand either before or after use","in case it may get a high temperature hurt.

Correct installation instructions:

1.Unplug light unit from the mains","wait the light fully cool down","then take the blown bulb off.

2.Please do not touch the glass of the new lamp directly with your hand","use a clean cloth or rubble glove.

3.Put on protection cover.

4.Turn on your light.

The Redhead light bulb working life designed for 70 hours","if you already used for a while","please plan to change it before it dies in your work.

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