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2m Air Cushioned Stand with Wheels

2m Air Cushioned Stand with Wheels

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Professional Air Cushioned Light Stand with Wheels:

This professional quality air cushioned light stand is made from aluminium","meaning it is lightweight","durable and portable. It is made up of four adjustable sections and can be extended up to 243cm. As a safety feature","the stand is air cushioned.  If you forget to tighten the locking nuts","the stand will slowly descend","ensuring your lighting fixtures are protected. This useful feature can save equipment from being damaged during busy shoots.

Our light stands are of superior","professional quality and they rival some of the top brands such as Kupo Grip and Manfrotto","we are able to bring you quality without the price tag.


Light Stand

  • Folded: 86cm/ 33.8in
  • Minimum Working Height: 99cm/ 38.9in
  • Maximum Working Height: 230cm/ 90.5in
  • Fully Extended: 243cm/ 95.6in
  • Four Adjustable Sections (19/22/25/30mm diameters)
  • Air Cushioned Suspension – Provides maximum protection
  • Maximum Load: 5kg
  • Material: Aluminium
  • 1/4" Spigot
  • Colour: Black - To avoid any unwanted reflections

Swivel Caster Wheels

  • Lightweight and durable 75mm diameter wheel","easy and smooth rolling with an adjustment screw to fit most light stands.
  • With a stator to fit 22mm light stand legs.
  • Step on lock secures equipment in situ and ensures no movement during shooting.
  • Weight: only 2.66lbs (1.2kg) each   
  • Material: anti-static rubber and metal
  • Kindly Notice: Knob lock should be installed towards the center of tripod.

Package includes: 1x Air Cushioned Stand","3x Swivel Caster Wheels (Other equipment not included)

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