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LED Fresnel Spotlight 300W

LED Fresnel Spotlight 300W

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Wireless Remote Control 12000 Lux Dimmable Bi-color 300W LED Fresnel Spotlight HMI Par Light video Equipment Feature: Bi-Color, The LED bulbs color temperature 5600k , and it will come will 3200k Filter with magnet, The Filter with magnet can fix on lighting very easy and beautiful. Focusable, there is screw at the back of lamps, you can focusable lighting. This LED spotlight with a new circuit design, the instroduction of Germany, Japan this advanced technology, imports of the main electronic components are addembled, this LED spotlight with energy saving environmental protection, more than 30,000 hours life, can not be compared to ordinary incandescent light. Low temperature and can work a long time, constant color temperature, energy-saving . Changed a hot light of the original luminaire efficiency, bulb damage rate and the temperature is too high disadvantage, compared with the thermal light source lamp can reduce the heat more than 90 percent of this section LED condenser.

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